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T2 Portable Tracker is a miniature GPS tracker designed for personal and asset tracking. With alerts like geo-fence boundary crossings, low battery, SIM card change alert and many other advanced reporting features, T2 is simply the most versatile tracker. With 900mAh Li-polymer battery, it is able to work up to 6 days.

T2 Personal GPS Tracker 


Monthly Data Plan
$14.99 / month
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Bi-Annual Data Plan
$79.99 / 6 months
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2x T2 Personal GPS Tracker 


Monthly Data Plan
$24.99 / month
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Bi-Annual Data Plan
$129.99 / 6 months
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3x T2 Personal GPS Tracker 


Monthly Data Plan
$34.99 / month
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Bi-Annual Data Plan
$189.99 / 6 months
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“We live in a pretty terrible neighborhood.  I was always on edge when my child left the house.  I can now finally sleep at night knowing where they are at all times.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!  As a mother, I ALWAYS worry.  This gave me the extra security I needed!” 

“Thank god we bought this device.  We had our 5 year old girl go missing and we were looking everywhere! We turned on the app and located her 2 blocks down the road by herself.” 


I just got my tracker. How do I get started?

Open T2 Tracker per the instructions in manual provided. Use notch in the upper right corner to open. (Bottom of tracker is where the charging mechanism is)

Slide SIM card into slot. Please use the “NANO” version of the SIM Card (the smallest cutout available) Make sure card is shiny side down when inserted. Please check your email from Trackithome to get your assigned phone number that matches your SIM card. You will use this number to give T2 Tracker instructions. Save it in your phone like any other contact.

The T2 Tracker now needs to be charged. Charging cord is magnetic and attaches very easily to device and via USB. Full charge takes about an hour.

Power button is small button seen with the cover off as shown in manual. Press power button for 3 seconds. This will power up T2 Tracker.

Download the app. It can be found on Google Play or Apple’s App Store. It is listed under Track it Home.

Open app and begin registration process. Create a login name (we suggest your email address) and give it a password per instructions.

You will be asked to type in your IMEI number. It is the number on the bottom of the box your T2 tracker came in. This will allow the device to be recognized by the tracking system.

Please use manual to set up all other functions. There are videos and FAQs at the website to help you if you have any questions.

How do I download the mobile app?

You can download the iOS or Android mobile app from the App Store or Play Store by searching for “trackithome”.

For Android Devices, you can get the app at the Google Play Store

For iOS devices, download the app from the App Store.

I want to order multiple trackers. What’s the best way to get a volume discount?

We have extremely competitive pricing for companies purchasing multiple trackers. If you need 5 or more trackers, please contact our sales department by emailing We will contact you and provide quantity discounts.

What is the range of your trackers / where will they work?

GPS trackers work on the cellular network to send their location back to you. They will work anywhere in the US, Canada or Mexico where there is adequate cellular service. If you need to use your contract outside of North America, please contact us.

How does billing for your monthly service work?

Our service starts at $9.99/tracker per month. There are no contracts and you can stop service at any time. You can also suspend your service if you need to and resume it later. When you purchase a tracker, you are automatically enrolled in our tracker service. You will receive your first charge for service 7 days after your purchase. If you decide you no longer need service, you can stop service any time.

What kind of packaging will my tracker come in and what will my credit card bill say?

Your tracker will ship in a plain cardboard box without any branding. The return address will not say “Logistimatics” but will have our Greensboro, NC headquarters location on it. Your monthly service statement will appear as “Logistimatics”. If you need to make other arrangements, please contact us.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept different types of credit cards, PayPal and bank transfers. We’ll send you invoices on a monthly basis – for the previous month, depending on your actual services consumption.

What is your return policy?

We’re so confident in our trackers that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with our products or service for any reason. 

Getting Started with your T2 Tracker

How do I take off the cover?

Look for notch in corner of the device and gently lift off cover.

Which way do I put the SIM card in?

Put SIM card in slot cardboard side up and cut out notch on card goes in first

How do I power up tracker?

Power button is small button inside tracker. Hold down for 3 seconds. Device will power up

How do I know when the device is fully charged?

The LED light will be a solid green.


Why is my tracker display a location that is close to me but not my exact location?

Your tracker has two different ways to get its location.

  1. The tracker always tries to locate itself first with a GPS satellite fix. A tracking fix from a satellite is always the most accurate way for the tracker to know where it is.
  2. If the tracker can’t get a satellite fix, it will try to use a cell tower fix. This is less accurate than a GPS fix but can still be helpful for understanding where your tracker is. Cell tower fixes are always reported inside of a light blue circle. The circle indicates the margin of error (in other words, the tracker is somewhere in the blue circle).

You might see a cell tower fix if your tracker is inside a building or placed in a spot where it can’t hear a GPS satellite. You tend to see cell tower fixes less frequently when the tracker is outdoors or in a car.

Too long... didn't read...

If your tracker reports a weird address, it’s using a cell tower because it can’t find a GPS satellite. Move it somewhere with a better view of the sky. It will report a more accurate location when you take it outside.

What if I lose my signal in a building?

Your device stores your location when you enter the building and once outside and moving it will start updating your location again. The same applies to tunnels

How do I access my account?

You will create an online account and a personal login and password of your choice. You will also be given the website address of your GPS tracking website. Any computer with a working standard Internet browser is required to login and locate your device.

Why are my maps not displaying?

If the GSM network is available, your device will turn to LBS location when you enter the building, the accuracy not accurate as GPS location. Once outside and get GPS signals, it will start to upload your GPS location again. The same applies to tunnels.

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